What our former students think about MAGEC

«The Master’s degree in Economics has given me several tools that I can spend now for my job experience. I have also improved my analitical capacity and critical skills. Team works, proposed by many professors, have allowed us to learn from each other.»
Rosangela Bee, Research assistant, Microfinanza, Vicenza

«The course is really suited for those who want to better understand the theoretical grounds on which modern economic theories stands, to  assess economic policies  implemented at several levels. This is what I enjoyed most and what is proving essential in my present field of specialization.»
Andrea Giaretta, Student, Master in Cooperation and Development at IUSS Pavia

«I’ve decided to attend to MAGEC because I wanted to build up my understandings of economics phenomena in all their aspects, from the more theoretical pillars to the more modern and innovative economics. What I’ve found as a ‘plus value’ in this course is the development of each students’ skills inside the team work, opening for useful and constructive debates.»
Claudia Martelliano, Data analyst & Econometrics tutor, University of Brescia

«MAGEC is a very interesting and well organized course in economics. The knowledge it provides makes its graduate students able to compete in the international environment.»

Chiara Nardi, PhD student in Economics and Finance, University of Verona
«This course helps you improving your reasoning and analytical skills, strengthens your economic and English knowledge in all aspects, and lets you work in groups and expose your work in public: that’s what MAGEC offers. And what do companies demand? Strong reasoning and analytical skills, a deep knowledge of English (at least) and the capacity of working both in groups and alone. In my personal experience, I can say that attending MAGEC made my CV peculiar and it increased the possibility of being noticed and selected by big companies.»
Alessio Occhi, Sales planning and reporting specialist, Maserati SpA, Modena

«What makes this course outstanding is clearly the environment: the small size of the group allows ongoing group works and research projects and direct relation to the lecturers, who I have experienced to be extremely supportive. The students have access to their own study room, computer lab and very valuable seminars. During the master I have discovered my high interest in Analytics and Data Science and the experience gathered helps me significantly in my daily job.»

Marina Stuefer, Business analyst at Oracle Corporation, Dublin

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