Invited Speakers

With the support of the University of Verona program of internationalization the MAGEC organizes every year a series of lectures, modules and seminars held by invited speakers from International Institutions.

Lectures may take place within the curricula modules of MAGEC or can supplement them with additional credits and evaluation on selected subjects.

Additional elective modules can also be held by invited speakers.

A detailed list of the lectures is published during the semester in the event page


Academic Year 2015-2016

March/May 2016 Events:

Invited lectures and modules by Olivier Bonroy, Philippe Bontems, John Gooch, Federico Ortino, Massimo Scotti, Mike Waterson, …

October/November 2015 Events:

Invited lectures and modules by Pierre Fleckinger, Edmund Cannon, George A. Zsidisin, Martin Forster, Atanu Chaudhuri, Jaap Bos,  Louis Eeckhoudt,   Seamus Kelly


Academic Year 2014-2015

Second Semester invited speakers

Gooch May 2015 Capuano May 2015

Chavas april 2015  Forster April may 2015

LAvranos April 2015 wood april 2015 Waterson March 2015

debin MA May 2015  Federico May 2015


Academic Year 2014-2015

First Semester invited speakers

Zsidisin lect nov 2014  Kelly december 2014

Boos october 2014  Eeckhoudt October 2014

Forster October 2014   Cannon october 2014

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