Dissertation Titles


Find here some dissertation titles for students graduated in Economics


Students graduated in 2011-2013


Rosangela Bee

Dissertation title: “Microcredit and household wellbeing: An analysis of Indonesian panel data”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Paola Bovi

Dissertation title: “The process of European integration: a new step towards the United States of Europe”

Supervisor: Mel Marquis


Riccardo Camboni

Dissertation title: “Essays on defence economics”

Supervisor: Claudio Zoli


Erjona Daka

Dissertation title: “Lies in political talks”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Davide Dal Dosso

Dissertation title: “The effectiveness of public policies addressing homelessness”

Supervisor: Veronica Polin


Stefano Fortuna

Dissertation title: “Unethical behaviour and socioeconomic concerns: an international comparison”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Giorgio Ghiotto

Dissertation title: “Financial risk attitude: a cross-country comparison with a focus on personality traits”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Andrea Giaretta

Dissertation title: “An economic valuation of quality in hospital design”

Supervisor: Paolo Pertile


Gianluca Guarino

Dissertation title: “Irrationality in individual decisions: a behavioural perspective in financial investments”

Supervisor: Giuseppina Chesini


Claudia Martelliano

Dissertation title: “Health status and daily life perception: the handgrip measure”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Giulia Montresor

Dissertation title: “Market power analysis in the Italian electricity day-ahead market”

Supervisor: Claudio Zoli


Alessandro Morelato

Dissertation title: “Does corporate social responsibility affect economic performance? Evidence from Italian firms”

Supervisor: Diego Lubian


Chiara Nardi

Dissertation title: “The relationship between happiness and risk-taking. Evidence from Italian data”

Supervisor: Diego Lubian


Alessio Occhi

Dissertation title: “Wage dispersion and team performance: Evidence from Italian soccer”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Andrea Pasqualotto

Dissertation title: “European sovereign debt crisis: financial market and economic fundamentals”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Ludovico Romano

Dissertation title: “An assessment of the real estate market in Italy”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Giorgio Rossetto

Dissertation title: “Job sick leaves and medical house calls: an analysis on the Verona area”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Marco Rossi

Dissertation title: “The impact of ace-aid to economic growth on the user cost of capital”

Supervisor: Nicola Sartor


Marina Stuefer

Dissertation title: “Household risk bearing, age and financial turmoil: An analysis on US panel data”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol


Anna Triberti

Dissertation title: “The monetisation of non-market impacts: a case study of the bike sharing system in Verona”

Supervisor: Paolo Pertile


Ancuta Varga

Dissertation title: “Wellbeing of immigrants in Europe: is there discrimination?”

Supervisor: Alessandro Bucciol

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