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MAGEC provides outstanding training to hold any position requiring ability to understand the economic reality through the data, both in the private and the public sector. Placement opportunities for MAGEC graduates include, but are not limited to, global companies, international organizations and government agencies. The rigorous and qualified teaching provided by MAGEC also offers solid grounds to undertake an academic career and start a Ph.D. program in Economics or related disciplines.

Please read the section FORMER STUDENTS below for consulting the web information on the job occupation of our former students and their opinions on how MAGEC helped them to develop their career.

For job opportunities contact the University Job Placement Office, or visit the website (in Italian) of ALVEC, the association of Italian graduates in Economic Sciences at the University of Verona.

MAGEC graduates are also eligible for the job occupations listed in the following websites (and similar ones):


Former Students

Please find below a list of some former MAGEC students with link to either their webpage or their Linkedin page

Please write at if you want to contact any of our former students directly.

If you are one of our former students, and you do not find your name in these pages, please write at the same email address.


Students graduated in 2011-2013


Rosangela Bee

Riccardo Camboni

Stefano Fortuna

Giorgio Ghiotto

Andrea Giaretta

Gianluca Guarino

Claudia Martelliano

Giulia Montresor

Alessandro Morelato

Chiara Nardi

Alessio Occhi

Andrea Pasqualotto

Ludovico Romano

Marina Stuefer

Anna Triberti

Francesco Turati


Students graduated in 2014-2016

Carlotta Bernabè

Guglielmo Dario Bertinato

Tommaso Bianchini

Matteo Biscaro

Mattia Borsati

Valeria Brigandì

Pietro Brutti

Martino Buogo

Daniele Caliari

Alessandro Concato

Giacomo Danda

Martina Danza

Enrico Da Lio

Sebastiano Greggio

Alice Maccacaro

Fabio Negri

Davide Ranghetti

Giorgio Rossetto

Gabriele Sidoti

Anna Untertrifaller


You can find HERE a list (in progress) of some titles of former students’ dissertation. Read HERE their opinion about MAGEC.

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