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The program is designed for prominent national and international students with an interest in applied economics with an international focus. Students will be admitted on the basis of academic excellence. Candidates are expected to have acquired in their past degree(s) sound knowledge of the basic micro- and macro-economics concepts and of mathematical and statistical tools commonly used in Economics. Good knowledge of spoken and written English is also required (CEFR B2 or higher level: for a description see this page).

The maximum tuition fee is around 2,000 euros. Reductions are possible based on students’ income. Payments can be split in two/three parts (deadlines set between October – May).

Reduced fees for non-EU students 1,000 euros.

Students are eligible for university scholarships; for information visit this page (the call for applications for university scholarships is usually issued in July-August)

Other scholarships from the Italian government are described in this page.

The admission procedure is different for Italian and foreign applicants.

Applications of international (EU and non-EU) students to each new academic year can be made between January – April 15th. This is necessary in order to meet all the bureaucratic requirements before the program starts.

  • Admission of Italian students: please visit this page. (Pre-registration of italian students: open between July and late August)
  • Admission of international students: please visit this page.

For further practical information you can contact the Economics teaching and students’ services unit: read more here

Students’ Benefits

For application calls for study grants, accommodation and dining facilities, visit the website (in Italian) of ESU. All students can apply for ESU scholarships; for details visit this page.
In addition, three scholarships are available for non-EU students (for the two years of the course). The yearly gross amount of each scholarship is 8,000 euros (+  tuition fees exemption), with allocation based on merit and payment conditional on academic performance during the course of study. Students benefiting from these scholarships are also entitled to priority in access to University student accommodation.
The call for application for the non-EU students scholarships for academic year 2020-21 is available at link to info web page for application where you can find the call in Italian and English. Students are invited first to apply for pre-evaluation STEP1 following the indications provided in the call for scholarship. The deadline for application for pre-admission and non-EU students scholarships is March 31st 2020 at 12.00 PM italian time. All applications should be submitted only through the online procedure at: link to online application procedure
Note that from the 2020-21 academic year the course of studies of Economics will be enriched with additional applied and data analysis module, and therefore in accordance its denomination in the call will appear as: “Economics and Data Analysis“.
To eache enrolled student is assigned a tutor from the academic staff. The tutor advises and follows the student over her entire curriculum within MAGEC. In addition, the limited number of students admitted every year is meant to facilitate direct contact with the academic staff.For further students’ services and facilities, see the page maintained by the University of Verona.
The development of skills is not confined to classroom and academic work. Our mission is to make MAGEC students “live” a genuine research environment. MAGEC students indeed benefit from services and facilities provided by the Department of Economics, noticeably:

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